Will Pro-Choice Women Vote for McCain?

Yet another issue on which the Republican Senator's image does not match his beliefs.

Following up on my post from yesterday on John McCain's bid for Hillary Clinton's female voters, I see my good friend Arianna Huffington has finally joined the ranks of pro-choice bloggers and writes about a promising poll by Planned Parenthood. The poll concludes that many of McCain's supporters in swing states are pro-choice, and don't realize what a reactionary barbarian he is when it comes to a woman's right to control her own body.

People in our comments thread were also quick to note that no woman who really cares about choice could vote for a President who might put another Alito on the bench. Well, people such as myself who are die-hard pro-choice voters might wish that were true, but there really isn't any statistical proof to back up the conclusion that John McCain's Neanderthal position on choice is going to hurt him significantly in November.

A recent nation wide Gallup poll indicates that only 13% of those polled say that a candidate "must share your views" with regard to abortion; 49% said it was "just one of many important factors," while 37% said it was "not a major issue" and 2% had "no opinion."

Here's Newsweek:

McCain aides say his hard line on abortion isn't necessarily a disadvantage among many women. Though about 60 percent agree in general with Roe, that doesn't mean they vote based on a candidate's position on abortion. The McCain camp believes Hillary backers—working-class white women and independents, in particular—could migrate to McCain rather than to Obama. A Planned Parenthood poll of women voters in 16 battleground states earlier this year showed 49 percent of McCain's supporters called themselves pro-choice and said they support Roe.

What do women care about? Well, that is the eternal question, isn't it. From a May 14 Quinnipiac poll:
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