Harry Reid Still Providing Cover for Joe Lieberman

In a recent interview, the Senate Majority Leader white-washes Joe Lieberman's voting record.
Maybe it's just that I don't want to understand. I want to like Harry Reid, I want to think he's a public servant first and foremost, but when he runs around saying "Joe Lieberman is with us on everything but the war," I have to ask -- who's this "we," kimosabe?

Glenn Greenwald has the rundown:
Bill to ban the CIA from using waterboarding:
  • Democrats -- 45-1
  • Republicans - 5-46
  • Lieberman- NAY
Cloture vote on bill to restore habeas corpus(which Lieberman voted to abolish in 2006):
  • Democrats - 50-0
  • Republicans - 5-42
  • Lieberman - NAY
Vote to strip retroactive amnesty for telecoms out of the FISA bill (h/t Matt Browner-Hamlin):
  • Democrats -- 31-16
  • Republicans - 0-48
  • Lieberman - NAY
Vote to specify that FISA is the "exclusive means" by which the President can spy on telephone and email communications:
  • Democrats -- 49-1
  • Republicans - 9-40
  • Lieberman - NAY
Confirmation of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General:
  • Democrats -- 6-40
  • Republicans - 47-0
  • Lieberman - YEA
Cloture vote to proceed to consideration of No-Confidence Resolution for Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General:
  • Democrats -- 47-0
  • Republicans - 6-37
  • Lieberman - NAY
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