Ann Coulter Jokes About Lynching, Still on CNN

As the media is consumed by Reverend Wright, why is CNN giving Coulter's racism a pass?
As usual, Ann Coulter's newest round of violence-tinged pundit appearances included going on CNN to call millions of Americans "traitors" (treason is a crime punishable by the death penalty) and suggest that Sen. Barack Obama is a covert terrorist assassin.

What did Ann Coulter do this week to earn this right to appear on the most trusted name in news?

She published a weekly syndicated column laced with violent-rhetoric in which she suggested that an Obama Presidency would result in the destruction of the U.S. by terrorists and--she joked about lynching Africa-Americans.

Is there nobody left at CNN who cares about this situation? I mean...why is it that a pundit who jokes about lynching blacks is allowed to appear on the largest broadcast platform in America?

A word to the wise at CNN:
When Ann Coulter jokes about lynching blacks in her weekly syndicated column, pull her from whatever appearances she has scheduled for that week.
Better yet, just drop her altogether.

Some Advice for CNN
One has to wonder how someone as well known as Ann Coulter--who relentlessly promotes her work--can continue to appear on CNN given the violence-tinged, racist, anti-Semitic, false-accusations she regularly publishers in her column?

The only possible answer is that nobody at CNN ever reads Ann Coulter's syndicated column.

If someone at CNN did read Coulter's column, they would never let her on the air out of respect for the reputation of the network, for the business interests of their sponsors, and for their viewers.

So, here is my advice to CNN each week, before allowing Ann Coulter to be a pundit on the network:
Just read it. And do not just pass this task off to some unpaid high school intern. Have a seasoned producer with a long term vested interest in the future of the network read Ann Coulter's column. And then have a senior member of the sales team read her column.

It comes out every week late Thursday or early Friday. And it is free to read.

Now, once everyone at CNN has read Coulter's weekly column, ask a simple question: Does Coulter joke about lynching black people in the column? If the answer is "Yes," make a note of that.

Next question: Does Coulter accuse members of the U.S. government of being terrorist plots to destroy America? If the answer is "yes," again: make a note of it.

Final question, does Coulter write something that falsely accuses vast numbers of Americans of high-crimes punishable by death? ("Yes?" ditto: make a note).

OK. So far so good. Having done this homework, if it turns out that the answer is "Yes" to one or more of these question, CNN should send a note to Coulter that reads something like this:
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