McCain Adviser’s Head Explodes Over “100 Years in Iraq” Comment

Thin-skinned right-wingers seem to think that McCain's weaknesses aren't fair game.

The RNC is really losing its grip over the new DNC ad of John McCain making his "100 years" in Iraq comment. I don't quite know how, but a clip of John McCain uttering this statement himself is supposed to be "false and defamatory." They're demanding CNN and MSNBC not run it.

The whole thing must be testing just horribly for McCain. I was on PBS's To the Contrary with McCain adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer yesterday, who did her best John McCain temper impression when the comment was mentioned.

Atrios was right -- it makes them instantly and inexplicably irrational. Nancy starts repeating "" like McCain made the comment in Chinese or something and people couldn't understand what he meant without a translator.

Use "100 years" and "Iraq" in the same sentence and I think people get the idea.

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