Dick Cheney: Devil's Spawn?

A new book takes a hard look at the youthful hi-jinks of our quick-shootin' Veep.

What do Arianna Huffington, Keith Olbermann, Lewis Black, Phil Donahue and Mel Brooks have in common?

They all love Young Dick Cheney. Not the grumpy old Prince of Darkness, socked away in his secured, undisclosed location somewhere near Washington--but the adorable and misunderstood hero of our brand new book.

One year in the making (call it "elephant labor"), our bouncing baby boy--the one with the premature comb-over and peculiarly crooked mouth, who would one day grow up to be the most powerful Dick ever to inhabit the Vice Presidency--was delivered this bookstores across America.

Exploding cigar, anybody?

Arianna calls Young Dick Cheney "a double-barreled blast of satiric buckshot." Phil calls it "a page-turner and a side-splitter." Keith recommends you "bring it with you to Gitmo." And Lewis says, "If you've spent the last eight years gagging on Vice President Cheney and his hijinks, this should take the bad taste out of your mouth."

In a recent email exchange, Arianna proposed that we celebrate the publication of our irreverent little book by blogging here about its themes. But the theme is pretty simple: we give a deserved poke in the eye to Richard Bruce Cheney, a man who has almost single-handedly steered this nation into a sinister, darkly lit alley, dragging our historic liberties and freedoms behind it like so much roadkill.
Bruce Kluger and David Slavin are regular contributors to National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.
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