Gay Does Not Equal Pedophile

Clif at Sadly, No explains the difference with pictures.
Sandy Rios, the anti-gay divorcée who was too crazy for, and fired from, Concerned Women for America, is over at Clown Hall today once again demonstrating that she has more hair than brains. Lots more hair.
“We will rid the church of pedophile priests,” said Pope Benedict on his flight to America. That’s good news except for one thing: the root problem among the priests was homosexuality, not pedophilia. Pedophilia is the attraction by adults to children, both boys and girls and the priest scandals have been, with few exceptions, man to boy.
Okay, we can either laugh, cry, slam down three martinis, resort to Venn Diagrams, or do all those things. Excuse me while I do the first three. I’ll be back in a moment with the Venn Diagrams.

. . . . . . . .

Okay, back.

Now although the intersection between teh gay and teh pedophiles should be smaller than the one between teh straight and teh pedophiles, this diagram is an otherwise accurate representation. Sandy has somehow gotten it lodged in her “hair brain” that because pedophiles as a class are attracted to boys and girls, then a group that is attracted only to boys can’t be pedophiles. Sadly, as we say here, no.

And things go downhill from their because Sandy somehow thinks that all gay men want to have sex with little boys and she has the evidence to prove it:
Man/Boy “Love” has been a staple in homosexual practice since the time of the ancient Greeks, famous for taking young boys as students and bonding with them sexually.
Clif blogs at Sadly, No
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