FOX's Smears and Jeers

More smears in nine minutes than most media deliver all day.
On Monday, I told you about the Obama carpet-bombing campaign FOX has initiated. Their plan is clear: saturate their network with constant negative stories about Obama by mangling and spinning his fairly benign comment about rural voters or demonizing Obama’s former minister, hoping that enough of them will stick to sufficiently cripple Obama’s chances in this Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary.

Their ultimate goal is to help Hillary Clinton win big enough in PA so she can make the argument to superdelegates that she should be the democratic nominee, even though she has no chance of beating Obama in pledged delegates. FOX and the Republicans want Clinton to be the nominee because they think John McCain has a better chance of beating her than Obama (though I don’t think McCain could beat either).

So here’s a short teaser to give you an idea of how bad it really is on FOX. All of these clips were taken from the first NINE MINUTES (before the first commercial break) of the Monday April 14, 2008 episode of Your World w/ Neil Cavuto, which purports to be a business show. And more stories followed, including Cavuto paraphrasing neocon William Kristol’s scurrilous New York Times op-ed (published the same day) that Obama sounds “very Karl Marxie,” then attributing the sentiment to an unnamed Democrat.

This is what just nine minutes of FOX looks like. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and over 8,640 minutes until the Pennsylvania primary this Tuesday. And this is only going to get worse as Tuesday nears. There’s more about FOX’s April 14 coverage here, here, and here. FOX also attacked Hillary a bit, since while they want her to win the nomination, it’s only so she can lose the presidency.
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