Great Moments in Fear: Bolivia Breaks out the Star of David Armbands

Godwin's law, violated.
Note from PEEK guest editor Joshua H: There appears to be a certain consistency in this particular line of fear-mongering. Compare the story below with Kurt Nimmo's feverish claim that the globe logo on a private security company's uniform is evidence of a secret NAU police force, Wingnut extraordinaire Jerome Corsi's similar obsession with a security feature on North Carolina driver's licenses and, of course, the wholly fabricated (but oft-repeated) tale of Iran forcing Jews to wear the Star of David -- almost identical to this latest nonsense. I guess nobody's ever accused these people of having had an original thought.


Since you people are constantly reading the Washington Times you've probably already heard how Evo Morales is forcing Bolivians to carry ID cards with the Star of David, just like they did in the Third Reich. Of course the "puzzling" part is that "the marked ID cards do not appear to target people who are Jewish or have Jewish ancestry" but still it's a lot like what happened back in Holocaust times. Except that the controversy has been dismissed by the president of the Bolivian Jewish community "and Israel's honorary consul in Santa Cruz." Anyway you should worry I guess, because of the Nazis.
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