FOX News Last in Iraq Coverage AGAIN

FOX sinks to new lows.
In March, the Project for Excellence in Journalism released its annual report on the “State of the News Media” in 2007. And with the Iraq war going so supremely awesome with gobs of “progress” oozing from the ground like so much light sweet crude, FOX has repeated as the cable “news” channel with the very least Iraq coverage.

"Fox, in turn, spent less time on the war in Iraq than the others (10% vs. 18% on MSNBC and 16% on CNN). And it was more oriented to crime, celebrity and the media than its rivals (28% vs. 19% on MSNBC and 16% on CNN)."

But remember, FOX isn’t ignoring Iraq because it’s an intractable clusterfuck that they vociferously championed, then claimed was going super hunky dory if only the “liberal” media would tell you so. Or that it highlights the myriad lies and mistakes of the Bush administration, republicans, and their entire ideology. No, no — FOX keeps their viewers in the warm, comfortable darkness of ignorance because that’s how you win a war. Remember this from last year as Bill O’Reilly proudly defended his network’s lack of Iraq coverage?

"Do you care if another bomb went off in Tikrit? Does it mean anything? No! It doesn’t mean anything! You can’t put it in any perspective."

One of FOX’s mottos is “We Report. You Decide.” But, as I noted last year, if FOX refuses to report on the Iraq war, how are their viewers supposed to decide?
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