What Would Wing-Nut Bloggers Do Without the New York Times to Kick Around?

It would be a sad day in crazy-land.
You'd think that a New York Times article that planted a big sloppy wet French kiss on John McCain would be welcomed over at Pajamas Media. But that would just prove that you were unfamiliar with PJ Media's resident fashion plate, Roger Kimball, and his latest piece of nonsense, which he thoughtfully titled "Why I Do Not Like The New York Times, Section 10, Chapter 687," for those who might not otherwise get the point. Roger managed to see the article, which praised the military service of McCain's son, as further proof that the Times staff spends every waking hour plotting the best way to provide to Al Qaeda detailed instructions on how to build a suitcase nuke.

Roger starts his riff on the Times articles with a little bit of fractured syntax that would make Pastor Swank blush with envy:
The latest contribution to malicious journalistic non-entity dilated on the fact Mr. McCain says very little publicly about his son’s service in the United States Marines.
If he'd just said the "malicious journalistic non-entity global splash dilated on the fact" the homage to Swank would have been complete.
As Jodi Kantor . . . noted in the course of her story, Mr. McCain has refrained from mentioning his son’s service with the Marines 1) because he did not want to be seen to be using it for political gain and 2) he wished “to protect him from becoming a prize target.”
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