Corrupt Florida Repubs Living Large on Public Education $$

Politicos are finding interesting ways of getting payoffs from edu system.
Local folks in Florida, Republicans, of course, are showing thier corrupt colors. We're not surprised here at ASZ. I'm personally offended, though, because I used to work for the educational institution involved in the scandal, Brevard Community College.

It just isn't surprising that we find Republican corruption in Florida. It's a Republican hotbed, after all, the home of the President's brother Jeb. I'm sure, since I lived there until three years ago, that Republicans, especially on the state level, feel they can get away with anything. I'm just a little pissed off that this example of the Republican Culture of Corruption involves my former employer down there, Brevard Community College (BCC). I have a very soft spot in my heard for BCC. The students there are honest and hardworking and just not able to handle the financial burden of going to a four year college. Damn, I loved my students down there.

Anyway, it appears that Brevard Community College, probably at the mercy of state legislators for their funding, struck a deal with a Repbulican State Senator, Mike Haridopolos, to pay him for publishing a book. I'm guesing the book was of such poor quality that their investment in him, in the six figures, didn't pan out. I hope BCC comes out of this well, but if not, it is directly attributable to a Republican who cut a deal so he could feed at the trough of public funding. Typical, huh?

Here's some of the story from the Orlando Sentinel:
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