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Keith Olbermann Presents the Commander-in-Chief Test [VIDEO]

How often should the commander-in-chief joke about nuclear holocaust?
This is Keith Olbermann's diary regarding this video on Daily Kos

   Well, it's not a Special Comment, and with one possible exception, I don't think it's particularly nasty towards one side more than the other in the current Democratic Endlessness.
   But, if like me, you've recently been called out by Governor Ed Rendell or James Carville, you probably need a few yucks.
   So tonight when the show celebrates its 5th Anniversary with our special on NBC, we will be laying on the network folks, four minutes' worth of our exclusive "discovery" of the actual "Commander-In-Chief Threshold Test," the existence of which was revealed by Senator Clinton and Mr. Wolfson earlier in the month.

   That's right: if you hear any small explosions or "thunk"-like sounds just after sunset, that may be one of your neighbors exposed to this kind of stuff for the first time, since it's on real tee-vee.
   So you know what's coming: we have a video package illustrating the seventeen questions on the test.
QUESTION NINE: How often should the commander-in-chief joke about nuclear holocaust?
   Ronald Reagan: "I've introduced legislation to outlaw Russia. We begin bombing in five minutes."    
   Let me repeat Question Nine: How often should the commander-in-chief jokeabout nuclear holocaust?
   John McCain: "The Beach Boys Song? Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran."

   We have everybody in here from LBJ to Bob Dole, seen everywhere from inside tanks, to inside (then outside) the stage at the incredibly dangerous pancake-flipping contest.
QUESTION SIXTEEN: Explain the fallacious reports of any interaction between secular groups amid the 90% Shia population of Iran, and the violent groups of extremists in 35% Sunni Iraq identifying themselves as Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia?

   And no help from other students.
   John McCain answers.    
   Senator Leiberman corrects him.
   I said no help.

   And not to give it all away, but just one more.
QUESTION SEVENTEEN, the Commander-in-Chief Field Danger Assessment.
   Watch this videotape carefully.  
   Is this a dangerous situation on the front-lines somewhere requiring the Commander-in-Chief to runto his or her vehicle, or is this a meet-and-greet photo-op at an airport?

   Bonus points: Is that a little girl with a poem, or a sniper.  
   A very short sniper.  
   With a poem.
   OK, I take back what I said about it not being particularly nasty towards one side more than the other.
   Plus Worst Persons, Bussssshed, Rachel Maddow, Richard Wolffe, Lewis Black.

   Mort Lindsey conducts the orchestra.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.
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