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Hillary's Donors, Lies and Videotape

The plot sickens...

A fellow blogger at Bang the Drum is working with the list of Hillary’s extortionists donors I posted, and has added to the story about the threatening letter sent to Nancy Pelosi. Here are excerpts from her e-mails and the relevant post (first the e-mails):
I have a question for you on these donors. Can any of them be linked back to LinkTV? I ask because a post from Link TV just appeared on the Huffington Post which is a clip from a 2/6/08 interview that Al Jezeera TV did with Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother (step grandmother actually). Being Al Jezeera, they take great pains to link Obama's Muslim past, which will play wonderfully with O'Reilly and Faux news.
I can find ties between David Michaelis (a LinkTV board director) and Hillary Clinton, directly and also through his wife. What I'm wondering is if any of these donors also link up with Michaelis or his wife, Clara Bingham.

I found a site that connected some of them via Norman Hsu. I’m not sure it helped, but then I got another e-mail:
LinkTV’s board of directors was the hardest to find, and that’s because they don’t have oneInternews is their board, and Internews is, quite frankly, all Republicans.Talk about wolves in sheeps’ clothing!
So you have donors threatening Pelosi, and one who doesn’t sign onto the letter decides to drop a video onto Huffpo suggesting that Obama is Muslim, while they hammer on the opposite side with Jeremiah Wright so that they can have it both ways.

And from the post “Worms, Trojans, and Clinton“:
The first item in my news feed this afternoon was this clip of an Al-Jezeera interview with Barack Obama's Kenyan step-grandmother. Lots of mentions of his "Muslim family" origins, nice shot of his father's headstone (who shares his name) and of course, much pride from step-grandma about how a 'native son' has made good in America.
None of it is bad. None of it paints Barack Obama in a negative light. On its face, it's alllight and sweetness. Sort of like that helpful popup window telling you that there might be a virus on your computer. But when you click on that helpful message,it infects your computer with an insidious virus, worm or trojan …

The plot sickens…
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