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Colbert Reminds Us of McCain's Embrace of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell [VIDEO]

Colbert on McCain: "The man is such a maverick, he's even independent of his own feelings."
Stephen covers the double standard which the media has given a black pastor, by ironically labeling him as an anti-American racist, while giving hateful bigots like Robertson and Falwell a free pass to say much worse. After 9/11, Reverend Wright correctly recognized that we were experiencing blowback from the terrorism our government had previously committed in the Middle East. Robertson and Falwell however, placed the blame on American citizens (specifically Feminists, Pagans, the ACLU, and anyone who's ever watched Will & Grace).

Where is the media outrage regarding McCain's embrace of these "agents of intolerance"? With such an apparent racial double standard and his good name tarnished for speaking the truth, I wonder if Geraldine Ferraro also thinks Reverend Wright is as lucky to be black as Barack Obama is.
Manila Ryce is a regular blooger for The Largest Minority
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