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'Mission Accomplished' and Other Stupid Republican Reruns

The Republicans are bringing out reruns as the beginning of their election year strategeries.

I’m not sure at all why President Bush and John McCain want to bring Iraq back to the front burner. Bringing up the war over there, even if it is necessary in oder for us to clean up George Bush’s mess, is going to do McCain nor Bush any good. Oh man! Here’s one thing John McCain doesn’t need — George Bush repeating his “Mission Accomplished” statement several years after his rightly-ridiculed, flight-suited, codpieced original “Mission Accomplished” statement. But it appears that George Bush is going to make a “Mission Accomplished” statement today, though Americans are still dying in what has become the most expensive American military quagmire in history. From Reuters:
President George W. Bush will acknowledge on Wednesday the Iraq war has been fought at a high cost but will insist a U.S. troop buildup has opened the door to a “major strategic victory” against Islamic militants.
“The successes we are seeing in Iraq are undeniable,” Bush will say in an upbeat assessment of the U.S.-led campaign in a speech marking the fifth anniversary of the war, according to excerpts released on Tuesday.
With less than 11 months left in office and his approval ratings near the lows of his presidency, Bush is trying to shore up support for the unpopular war, which has damaged U.S. credibility abroad and is sure to define his legacy.
Excerpts of Wednesday’s speech at the Pentagon suggested a more triumphant tone than Bush’s recent Iraq addresses, but he still may have a hard time winning the public’s attention.

No, Bush’s saying it is so isn’t going to work any better than it did on that carrier deck, and I’m thinking Kieth Olbermann is going to have fun with this one later today. The blowback here is going to be on McCain’s candidacy as all Americans are going to be reminded of McCain’s constant support of Bush’s failed strategeries.

John has also caught a bit of the Bush fumblemouth. In a speech in Amman, Jordan, John McCain was all for blaming Iran for supporting the chaos in Iraq, but he misnamed the group Iran was supposedly supporting, having to be corrected by one of his aides. It is like Bush has some sort of fumblemouth disease that John McCain has caught. From today’s Philadelphia Inquirer:
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