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Iraq Veterans Against the War Conduct and Cover Their "Winter Soldier" Investigation

"No longer will public debate on the Global War on Terror be framed solely by politicians and pundits."

Kelly Dougherty, the former sergeant who is the executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), announced the start today of the Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan investigation into the United States' conduct of its wars, featuring testimony of IVAW soldiers.

Dougherty promised that "No longer will public debate on the Global War on Terror be framed solely by politicians and pundits. IVAW will use the ongoing Winter Soldier project to spread awareness of G.I. resistance among veterans and active duty troops and build strategic alliances ... to broaden and strengthen our strategy to end the Iraq occupation." The Winter Soldiers at IVAW are not relying on the mainstream media which is good because so far major news media have ignored the event.

"Every minute of testimony will be broadcast live and will be available to watch in an online on-demand library," said Dougherty. The pro-war lobby, including Eagles Up, the Gathering of Eagles, Move America Forward, Free Republic and commentator Michelle Malkin, are condemning and protesting IVAW's Winter Soldier hearings.

The major Democratic Party-aligned peace groups with multi-million dollar budgets, such as MoveOn and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, like the mainstream news media, have also ignored the Winter Soldier event.
John Stauber founded the non-profit, non-partisan Center for Media & Democracy and its newsmagazine PR Watch in 1993 in Madison, Wisconsin.
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