Are Conservatives in Canada Coordinating with US Right Wingers to Defeat the Dems?

Is conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper trying to sabotage Barack Obama's campaign?
Remember the moment in the final 2004 debate when Bush said he wouldn't appoint any Supreme Court Justices who would overturn the Dred Scott case? It sounded exceptionally strange at the time, but it had a hidden meaning: Bush was indicating that he would only appoint Justices who sought to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

I bring this up because of John McCain's equally bizarre seeming statement on Canada, NAFTA and Afghanistan back on Friday:
"One of our greatest assets we have in Afghanistan today, frankly, are our Canadian friends," he said. "It's very controversial in Canada, their commitment and the suffering and the losses they have faced. And we need, we need our Canadian friends and we need their continued support in Afghanistan.

"So what do we do? The two Democrat candidates for president say that they're going to unilaterally, they're going to unilaterally abrogate the North American Free Trade Agreement. Our biggest trading partner, they're going -- who we made a solemn agreement with -- they're gonna unilaterally abrogate that. Now, how do you think the Canadian people are going to react to that -- who we are having now their enormous and invaluable assistance in Afghanistan and we're going to abrogate a free trade agreement?"

I mocked McCain for making such a bizarre statement, but I am starting to think that, like with Bush's seemingly strange Dred Scott comment, there is a hidden meaning to it. Consider McCain's statement in the context of conservative Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper responding to allegations from New Democratic leader Jack Layton that Harper is interfering the Democratic primary against Barack Obama:

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