It's International Sex Workers Rights Day, Where Are All the Feminists?

On a day when sex workers around the world are organizing, few feminist blogs -- and fewer progressive news sources -- are covering it.
It is still International Sex Workers Rights Day. At this moment, in places like NYC and NC, sex workers are gathering, face-to-face, talking and sharing and telling, planning and discussing.

And, yes, I will say now, I am feeling somewhat surly, but in a way, this does lead in nicely to something that I've blogged about before: The silence of our supposed allies.

We all have our main causes. It is not to say we do not find other issues to be of import, or realize how often various issues are entwined, but we all have our main concerns. We pick our battles, as it were. Race. Class. Disability Rights. Labor rights. Politics. Peace. Homosexual Issues. Trans Issues. Sexuality. Reproductive Choice. Religion. Sexism. Animal rights. We all have our thing. Often, these things blend; often these things are touched on in larger concerns of feminism, perhaps humanism, itself.

But I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noted something today. And I don’t much feel like lying.

Apparently, while I don’t expect Sex Workers Rights to rank real high at all on everyone’s radars… it doesn’t seem to rank much at all on anyone’s. Even on the feminist blogs.
Ren is a sex worker and sex worker advocate.
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