McCain Can't Distance Himself from Offensive Attacks on Obama at Pro-McCain Rally

John McCain didn't know what was coming? Puh-leaze.
UPDATE: Bill Cunningham went on Fox News (shocker!) following his controversial comments, defended his statements and whined about McCain disavowing his comments.

Post in whole from our friend OhDave, Barb at Kos has some of Cunningham's greatest hits.

Don't Cry for Bill Cunningham, Victim Extraordinaire

Bill Cunningham was asked today by the McCain camp to introduce McCain at a rally in Cincinnati's Over the Rhine district. His comments made national news when he repeatedly used Obama's middle name "Hussein" and said Obama in 2009 will have "just got back from a meeting with Ahmedinajad, has a meeting next week with Kim Jong Il, and then he's gonna saddle up next to Hezbollah." (my transcribing)

McCain pretended to be shocked, and apologized. But if John McCain bothered to do any research he would know that Cunningham engages in these kinds of personal attacks on a regular basis as a way to generate controversy that will create headlines for himself and WLW. On CNN McCain is being roundly lauded for apologizing and "taking responsibility." John King of CNN reported that McCain's staff had no idea that he would be headlining the event. In fact, the Enquirer reported it as follows:
Cunningham, a conservative Republican who also hosts a Sunday night syndicated radio show, said he was asked Monday "by a McCain operative" to introduce the Republican front-runner at Memorial Hall.
Of course, now McCain wants credit for repudiating the comments that his own campaign knew were coming. Meanwhile, Cunningham is feeling used, and now says that he repudiates McCain, and won't support him in the election. But McCain obviously staged this event very carefully. He waited until Cunningham was gone to enter the hall, and claimed not to have heard the remarks. Now the offensive remarks from Cunningham are making the regular news cycle, all while McCain is shown distancing himself from it. It's all very clever, and it's exactly how the GOP will use surrogates like Cunningham to attack Obama in the coming months while keeping their hands clean.

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