McCain Breaks Out Jedi Mind Tricks; Hypnotizes Media

When it comes to the press, The Force is strong in Mr. McCain.
So, I sat down and watched McCain's presser on MSNBC.

He's "disappointed" in the New York Times for running such an explosive story relying only on un-named sources.

Cindy McCain -- whose post-op death mask of a face looks like it will crack if she tries to smile -- was "very disappointed" in the Times.

I didn't count, but it felt like St. John complained about how the Times piece only used anonymous sources about 8 times.

Then the conference ended and MSNBC's team of professional bloviators took over. Joe Scarborough thought that the Times had some 'splainin to do -- how could they have run such a piece with only un-named sources?

I honestly thought Pat Buchanan's head was going to explode on live TV, or at least that he was about to burst a blood vessel. 'How dare they run this tripe based on nothing more than anonymous -- and no doubt "disgruntled" -- former staffers!' he shouted (I'm paraphrasing).

Chris Mathews, who was defending the Times, said that Pat had a good point. 'We'll find out more about why this story was released when it was and in the way it was,' he said. Damn their anonymous sourcing!

Throughout much of this gab-fest, the network ran Chyrons along the bottom of the screen that read something like, 'Explosive NY Times story relied on anonymous sources.'

Here's an excerpt from the Times story:
Joshua Holland is an editor and senior writer at AlterNet.
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