McCain's Promise of 100 Years of War Is No Joke [VIDEO]

We can't let people see a straight shooter when what we really have is a shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy.
Dear activists, colleagues, and friends,

We laugh, we yell, we worry. But, thankfully, we live in a time and a world where we can do something.

You stopped two FOX run debates using the FOX Attacks videos to spread the word, change people's opinions, and influence the media's story. You helped get advertisers to pull ads from Michael Savage's hateful radio program using the video. You spread the word about Rudy Giuliani on 9/11 with the investigative videos about the faulty radios and command center, and we saw how the public reacted.

And now, while Clinton and Obama are focused on winning the nomination, we have a job to do. And here's the tool, our first scripted BNF videos.

We can't let the media continue its love affair with John McCain. We can't let people see a straight shooter when what we really have is a shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy. We've seen this movie before, and we can't let the next few months pass by by without telling the real story. We will use humor at times, but this is a very serious campaign to use the horrors of war and the facts of the Iraq recession to reach people. Will you invest a dollar for every year you think John McCain will keep us in Iraq? A dollar now could quite possibly save us from the decades of "more wars" McCain has promised.

Make an investment: //

At a time when all television spots are fundraised around helping a particular candidate win, there is a critically important role for online communications to play. We can reach hundreds of thousands online, instantly. Wired just did an article about this here: //

Brave New Films was on the case over a year ago with The REAL McCain, and it looked like America was through with him after that. But now he's back and more dangerous than ever. We must act now!

Robert Greenwald sits on the board of the Independent Media Institute, AlterNet's parent company
Robert Greenwald is the director/producer of "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price" and "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism."
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