We Have Fox News Up Against the Ropes [VIDEO]

Naomi Wolf causes Fox anchor Shepard Smith to get all flustered and yell, "Don't you Fox on me!"
Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks has a lot of fun with the clip to your right featuring progressive writer Naomi Wolf and Fox News anchorman Shepard Smith. Wolf is making a reasonable point about how Democrats are far more enthusiastic about voting for Hillary or Obama than candidates they've nominated in the past (using the phrase, "holding their nose"), Smith tries to ridicule Wolf and by simply standing her ground she causes Smith to go manic, pointing his finger and shouting, "Don't you Fox on me!". In Uygur's analysis, and I think he's right, this exchange is just further proof that progressives are starting to get under Fox's skin. Check out the video to your right for more.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.