Obama Sweeps All Weekend's Races: Maine, Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana and the Virgin Islands

He was just endorsed by Virginia's governor too.
With 59% of precincts reporting, MSNBC says Obama beats Clinton in Maine 57% to 42%


He was just endorsed by Virginia's governor.

"I look forward to being on the ticket with Mark Warner?" Oh, he didn't mean THAT ticket...right?

He's calling himself the underdog in Washington ...until ..."something started to happen." We're tired of "being disappointed, let down, hearing promises but have nothing change. Because lobbyists write another check. Or who's up or who's down instead of who matters."

Poetically speaking about unemployment, deployment, unauthorized war... wow he's good. How can that sound poetic? Well, he makes it sound poetic.

No more "same old Washington games". Turn the page.

The west coast to the Gulf Coast to the heart of America said "yes we can". We won in La., Washington, Nebraska, north, south, in between...and we can win in Virginia. The crowd's going nuts, doing the "yes we can" chant...loudly.

Whatever else happens, when you vote next November, the name "George Bush" won't be on the ballot. ..cheers... The name of my cousin Dick Cheney won't be on the ballot...that was embarrassing when that news came out... You want to be related to somebody cool! ...

End the disasters of Bush, no more Rove, no more Libby...

Hillary and I both have detailed plans and ideas. We were friends before, we will be after ... we will be unified. We will end the failed policies of Bush.

But to make this time different, we need to bring Dems, I's, and R's who are disillusioned together... and that's how we'll win, and that's how we'll change this country when I'm president.

McCain is presumptive nominee. He's an American hero... applause.... But, in this campaign, he's embraced Bush's policies. .. 100 year war in Iraq and another war in Iran... Tax cuts ... He now supports the same cuts he voted against.

No more business as usual. The Democratic party must stand for change, not as a slogan, but what we believe in. CHEERS, CHANTS.

Experience vs Change. That's a debate we can win. (re: McCain) Lobbyists contribute to him, not us. We're funded by you, the American people.

Unite all parties around a common purpose. I can beat McCain, I do better with I's, red states, swing states.

More loud cheers/chants. The Rs are already running on the politics as yesterday...we're running on the politics of tomorrow.
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