Glenn Beck: Walking Proof There Is No God

Trust me, an hour of Chomsky would be more entertaining - and informative and honest - than a lifetime's worth of the likes of Beck.
If you are a person of faith, here's a little test for you: Watch, listed to, or read Glenn Beck for five minutes. If you come out of that still a believer, you are truly faithful. Because there's just no way a higher power - A freakin' God - could create such an incompetent moron.

Skimming through an article by Beck today on CNN, I was struck by a few things. One, it's eerie that for a man that just had ass surgery of some sort, his face is so, well, ass-like. Note the image I made specifically for this post to the left. Uncanny, eh? And what is it with these right-wing entertainers that they have such complicated asses? They parade around in disgust over other people's asses, but theirs seem to have endless problems. Enough to get them out of the military, in some cases. But I digress.

Basically, Beck - who makes Jonah Goldberg look like an astute intellectual by comparison - put together a piece today about how right-wing entertainers don't have any real power, so it's not their fault that McCain will be the GOP nominee. Or something like that. He's just not really very interesting so I sort of skimmed through. But one line caught me by surprise. I mean, I like to point out that folks like Michael Savage and Ann Coulter are just soulless entertainers, trying to make a buck. And Beck flat out admits it:
My job is to entertain. Period.
Which brings me to my final point: If this guy is a powerless entertainer, why in the hell does CNN and CNN's sponsors give him such a big platform to unleash his entertaining hate speech? I mean, David Duke isn't doing anything. If you're going to give a guy a show just to be a hateful entertainer, why not give Duke an hour on your Network, the most trusted name in news, from what I've been told.
William K. Wolfrum is a regular blogger for Shakesville