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DURST: Buying Russian Nuclear Weapons

Will Durst can not believe that the United States is now buying surface to air missiles from the Russians.
I had to read this about four times in the paper today before it actually sunk in. The United States is buying missiles from the Soviet Union. Let me repeat that for those of you who still have some of that weird gelatin from the Easter ham stuffed in your ears. We're buying surface to air missiles from the Russians. Aren't we supposed to be aiming missiles at them, not arguing about discounts? We've built an entire society out of figuring how to turn their country into BBR, and now they're "friendly Ivan" down at the True Value Hardware & Nuclear Weapons Store? Seems pretty silly now that we wasted all that money on projects like the invisible airplane. The Stealth Plane, which I never understood. What good was an Invisible Airplane going to do? The enemy would just look down at their radar and say, "Well, there's no aircraft here, but there's these two little guys in a sitting position at 40,000 feet." Then there was the Neutron Bomb. Destroys people, but not buildings. Obviously a brainchild of the National Realty Board. Oh, I forgot, its not a bomb; its an enhanced radiation device. That's like calling a sledgehammer, a finger massage. It's not mustard gas, it's a really strong antihistamine. He's not dead, he's really independent and notoriously slow following advice -- biologically dormant.
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