What Would You Say to Coke's Executives?

Take part in a pioneering campaign that gives new meaning to "message in a bottle."
OK, if you live in U.S., you have an important choice to make. You can turn on the tap in your home and get clean, safe drinking water for virtually nothing. Or you can buy bottled water, giving your hard earned dollars to a multinational company for a product that sucks an unnecessary amount of energy and resources, and creates a ton of waste.

If you are thinking you'd like to join the growing number of folks who are waking up and "taking back the tap," then here's a great initiative to get involved with. The folks who created Tappening reusable drinking bottles are asking you to send a note in a bottle that gives your pledge to drink tap over bottled water.

The first one million empty water bottles will all be delivered to incoming Coca Cola (marketer of Dasani bottled water) CEO, Muhter Kent, on his first day on the job this July. All the messages will be posted on the Tappening educational website. Empty water bottles with their messages should be sent to "Tappening" c/o DIGO, 220 East 23rd, Street, New York, New York 10010.

Here's a chance for Coke's excecutives to hear loud and clear, the direction we want our world to be going in. If you still aren't convinced, read these quick facts below from Tappening:
Tara Lohan is a managing editor at AlterNet.