FISA Vote Today: Clinton, Obama Return to DC to Vote

Hooray. Hopefully this will be a start of multiple positive trends from all our leaders.
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UPDATE II via Open Left:

Getting word now that Barack Obama will vote FOR cloture on the question of a 30-day extension later tonight.

This is great news, as no votes don't really matter on questions of cloture -- you need 60 to pass, and lose even if its 59-1.

Waiting to hear from Clinton's camp still.


Per Jane Hamsher, Hillary Clinton will be there at 4:30 tomorrow to vote on FISA. I spoke with Hillary Clinton on Saturday and she told me she would speak out about the issue tomorrow (meaning Sunday). I'm unaware if she did so, but she also said that she would come back to the Senate to vote if her vote was necesssary. So hopefully the Senators are counting votes and are finding these votes necessary. Obama will also be there to vote, so they could be pulling out all the stops for cloture.

Hooray. Hopefully this will be a start of multiple positive trends from all our leaders.

UPDATE via Jane Hamsher @ FireDogLake

Statement of Senator Clinton:
Today, I will vote against Republican efforts to shortchange the debate on the FISA Amendments Act, important legislation that would modernize our surveillance laws and give our nation's intelligence professionals the tools they need to fight terrorism and make our country more secure. Rather than allow the Senate the opportunity to consider important amendments to this vital legislation, Republicans are instead blocking meaningful debate on this bill by playing procedural games, choosing instead to score cheap political points at the expense of our Homeland Security.
Matt Stoller is a political activist/blogger in DC, and was an editor at MyDD from November 2005 until June 2007. He also consults for the Sunlight Foundation,, and Working Assets as well as proactively networking other progressive bloggers/internet activists and progressive professionals.
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