Obama vs Hillary at SC Debate: Barack Says, "I Can't Tell Which Clinton I'm Running Against" [VIDEO]

Hillary attacks Obama's comments about Reagan and Obama fights back attacking Hillary's corporate lawyer past and her husband's rhetoric.
An excerpt from GottaLaff's South Carolina debate live blog:

Hill said she's the strongest fiscal responsibility candidate. Your ideas aren't good.

O: What she said wasn't true. She and her husband not factually accurate. She looks indignant, amused. We need different politics in Washington...applause. Pres. Clinton on my war stance...fairy tale...simply not true! When Hill and Bill assert that, it's not true. Viewers not concerned with this back and forth, they're concerned with health care. That's the campaign I've tried to run.

H: True, but your record matters...applause. When O is confronted, he says that's not what he meant. He said he liked what the Republicans did over the last 15 years...those were bad ideas. She lists all the bad ideas. O is pissed. Hill says O has never said how he'd pay for foreign aid. Elections are about the future, so you have to look at our record and our careers. We are not in any way saying you didn't oppose the gave a great speech. That's not our criticism. AFTER that, the speech was off website, the NEXT year, you agreed with Bush about the conduct of war, then you funded it. Words v. actions is a fair assessment to make.

O: I'll provide you with all the info. Overtalking with Hill. What you said is NOT true. Reagan was transformative because he could get Dems to push through an agenda..that I objected to. ..while you were on the board at Walmart. OOOO! Audience is smelling blood. We have to appeal to Independents and Republicans, too. Irony is, you provided more on Reagan in a book that's being published right now by Brokaw.

H: Protesting loudly, wants to clarify the record. "We're just getting warmed up." applause.... O said 2 different things: Reagan quote about being transformative. We both have spouses who stand up for us. You said Repubs have ideas...O: I didn't say they were good ones. H: I was fighting against those ideas when you were representing slumlord in Chicago.

GottaLaff is a regular blogger for Cliff Schecter's Blog