The Funniest 'Green' Book You'll Read

Finally a book about greening your life that will make you laugh.
There's a lot of books out there about how to green you life, but the folks at Grist, took a stab at their own version (Wake Up and Smell the Planet). And it's very, well, Grist -- which, if you aren't a regular reader of their environmental news and commentary, means it's pretty damn amusing.

It opens:
We bet we can guess what your morning routine looks like: You gently click off your solar-powered alarm clock, crawl out of your hemp sheets, don organic cotton slippers and a recycled fleece robe, and shuffle across your bamboo floors to the bathroom, where you bathe in rainwater and botanicals harvested from your own garden.
Not quite? Good
The book is a reality check of sorts for the average eco-minded individual or those looking to get more green. The narrative follows the course of the day and provides information about everything from shaving tips to car choices to kitty litter disposal. The style is fun and engaging -- and at times, even downright funny. But that's Grist's trademark. As their editor's describe the book: "It's a guide to making it through your day with your values -- and your sanity -- in tact. And it's proof that you can help the planet and have a little fun along the way." Hey, if you can't laugh at global warming, what can you laugh at, right?

And if if you think you're pretty eco-conscious already, there is still some fun facts to learn. Here's some of my favorites:
Tara Lohan is a managing editor at AlterNet.