Hillary Shows Emotion and Unleashes a Torrent of Sexism

It's bad enough that the media attacks Clinton if she shows any emotion, but to have her own party members play that cheap sexist card is too much.
What the hell?
ABC News' David Muir, Raelyn Johnson and Sunlen Miller Report: Former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., on the tail end of his 36-hour campaigning marathon in New Hampshire on day before the primary vote, reacted to rival Sen. Hillary Clinton's emotional moment Monday.
Edwards offered little sympathy and pounced on the opportunity to question Clinton's ability to endure the stresses of the presidency.
"I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are tough business, but being president of the United States is also tough business," Edwards told reporters Laconia, New Hampshire.
Earlier in the day, Clinton became emotional when speaking to a group of voters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Completely unacceptable amounts of sexism. It's bad enough that the media plays the game with Clinton where if she shows any emotion, she's too feminine or too scary, but if she's more stoic, she's a scary ballbuster, but to have her own party members (if political rivals) play that cheap sexist card is too much. I've been reconsidering moving my Edwards support to Obama, and unless someone can show me evidence that Obama is just as likely to take cheap, sexist shots like this, I think that's what I'll be doing in light of this. We need someone at the top of the ticket who can know when to hold 'em. And Obama does on this issue--when baited with the opportunity to be sexist to Clinton, he declined. Edwards appears to have taken it back, so it's hard to say that it wasn't just base opportunism on his part. Still, it should be immediately evident to any candidate that playing the "Hillarygirlieweak" game with the media is a bad idea.
Amanda Marcotte co-writes the popular blog Pandagon.
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