Pope Begins New Year With Assault On Gays, But How Many Homosexuals Are in His Midst? [VIDEO]

According to the Pope we better duck and cover! True love increases the threat of a nuclear holocaust!
Pope Benedict is against loving thy loved one:
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict ushered in the New Year on Tuesday by criticizing policies that undermine the traditional family, saying they eroded one of the most important foundations for peace in the world.
The Pontiff, delivering a traditional New Year prayer for peace, appeared to take a swipe at efforts in several countries to grant legal recognition to gay and unwed couples -- although he did not single out any policies by name.
We better duck and cover! True love increases the threat of a nuclear holocaust!
He said the traditional family led by a husband and wife instilled values that promote peace, and added it was an "irreplaceable" institution.
"Those who are hostile, even unknowingly, to the institution of the family ... make peace fragile for the entire national and international community," the Pope told crowds gathered in a sunny St. Peter's Square.
It's so obvious! Unwed and gay couples reek of hostility, especially against families. I haven't met a same-sex couple yet who hasn't said to me, "You know, Laffy, family life is despicable. My partner and I were just on our way out to buy a couple of missile launchers and some ammo. This is war! And furthermore, we're passing out fliers at every Target store in the area that say so! Grrrrrrrr.
And it's catching. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I can barely stand next to a loving gay couple without it making me want to join the Taliban.
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