Giuliani Supporter Says Rudy Will "Chase Muslims Back Into Their Caves" [VIDEO]

Meanwhile, Rudy uses Bhutto's assassination for his own political gain.
New Hampshire State Co-Chair of Veterans for Rudy, John Deady, supports Giuliani because he will chase Muslims, who are "smart, in their own way," back to "their caves."

Transcript: He has got, I believe, the knowledge and the judgment to attack one of the most difficult problems in current history, and that is the rise of the Muslims. And, make no mistake about it, this hasn't happened for a thousand years, these people are very, very dedicated--they're also very smart, in their own way--and we need to keep their feet to the fire, and keep pressing these people, until we defeat them or chase them back to their caves or, in other words, get rid of them.

Meanwhile, Rudy uses Bhutto's assassination to remind America that he should be elected president because he's the guy to win "the Terrorists' War on Us."

[TPM video originally from The Guardian. H/T Blogenfreude.]

UPDATE: Deady has confirmed these statements and has refused to apologize or distance himself from them. Read more about this here
Melissa McEwan writes and edits the blog Shakespeare's Sister.
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