Mitt Romney: Tears of a Clown

How many commentators *coughChrisMatthewscough* will mock Willard's crying the way they relentlessly poked fun at Hillary's laugh?
Poor overly-sensitive, uber-weepy, unable-to-contain-himself Willard. He's all tied up in emotional knots lately. Cue the violins:
Mitt Romney's eyes filled with tears Monday as the Republican presidential contender recalled watching the casket of a soldier killed in Iraq return to the United States and imagined if it were one of his five sons.
This is the second time in two days that he's gotten all misty-eyed. He wouldn't be, gasp! pandering would he?
During a news conference afterward, Romney defended the tears, which came a day after he similarly choked up on NBC's "Meet the Press." He did so while recalling the relief he felt after the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon church of which he is a member, granted full privileges to blacks in 1978.
Get out the paper fans and the fainting couch. You never know when he'll need reviving.
"I'm a normal person, I have emotions," Romney told reporters. "I have emotion just like anyone else. I'm not ashamed of that at all."
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