Gonzales Named Lawyer of the Year? What's Next, Bush Wins Nobel Prize!?

I wonder who Time's Person of the Year will be, Michael Vick?
Yes, yes, I understand the concept here. But still, putting the words "Gonzales" and "Lawyer of the Year" together makes me throw up a little in my mouth:
Negative news coverage may have cost former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales his job, but it won him a dubious honor Wednesday from a magazine published by the American Bar Association: Lawyer of the Year.
I wonder if he'll recall getting it.
The monthly magazine gave the awards to lawyers who made the most news, said editor and publisher Edward A. Adams.
"Think about Time magazine's Person of the Year," Adams said in an interview. "In years past they've named people like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin. So we're not suggesting by these awards that these are the best lawyers in any sense of the word. We are saying they are the most newsworthy -- and perhaps also the best."
Comparing our former Attorney General to Hitler and Stalin is so reassuring. How proud we should be! On the upside, Gonzo probably won't recognize those names and will continue his restful stay in Hotel Oblivion.
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