Blackwater and Child Porn

Cliff Schecter: Nothing like kiddie porn addicts carrying AKs in a country filled with lost and desperate children...
This post, written by Cliff Schecter, originally appeared on Cliff Schecter's Brave New Films Blog

Oh well, they are Republican after all. Which means a financial scandal just couldn't be enough. There had to be some illicit sex. And like clockwork...:
Harry "Doc" Kinard, 54, was arrested Nov. 2 on a charge of sexual exploitation of children after authorities said child pornography was discovered on a computer at the animal shelter. Kinard spent a week in the detention center before posting bond.
According to Capt. Ronald King of the Sheriff's Department, Kinard faces five to 20 years in prison if he's convicted of the felony charge.
Kinard could not be reached for comment. His phone number is not listed, and County Manager Luther Smart said he had been advised by the Sheriff's Department not to release it.
The animal shelter computer was seized by sheriff's deputies in October and sent to the GBI's forensics laboratory for examination. The GBI found that the computer contained child pornography, King said, and an arrest warrant was issued for Kinard.
On the same day that Kinard was arrested, his home computer was taken and sent to the GBI. The GBI has yet to return the computer or the results of the forensics examination, King said.
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