Worst Tom Friedman Column Ever?

Jill Filipovic: Considering the bile he's published over the years, that's a bold statement, but I think he may have outdone himself.
This post, written by Jill Filipovic, originally appeared on Feministe

Considering the bile he's published over the past few years, that's a pretty bold statement -- but I think he may have out-done himself.
I have no idea who is going to win the Democratic presidential nomination, but lately I've been wondering whether, if it is Barack Obama, he might want to consider keeping Dick Cheney on as his vice president.
Just... no. There is nowhere good this can possibly go.
In sum, Mr. Obama's instinct is right -- but he needs to dial down his inner Jimmy Carter a bit when it comes to talking to Iran, and dial up a bit more inner Dick Cheney. If Democrats want to win this election, they have to get these two in balance -- they have to learn how to criticize the Bush record from the right and the left, to show they can be better at engagement and coercion. Successful diplomacy requires both. Americans will want to know that Democrats can do both. My guess is that many still aren't sure.
Foreign policy negotiations are not episodes of Law & Order, and we need intelligent and thoughtful diplomacy, not a good cop / bad cop routine. Tom Friedman has proven that he is entirely inept at predicting and evaluating foreign affairs and political strategy. And his column is making me twitch with Teh Stupid, so read Glenn for an intelligent and spot-on take.
Jill Filipovic is a New York-based freelance writer and a law student at NYU. More of her writing is available online at her blog, Feministe.
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