Giuliani Takes Money From Casino Kingpins, "Human Cockfighters"

GottaLaff: Who else does Corporate Rudy benefit from?
This post, written by GottaLaff, originally appeared on Cliff Schecter’s Brave New Films Blog

Rudy Giuliani has the most interesting donors. I wonder if Judiamiable appreciates them as much as Tender Heart Rudy does.
The Republican presidential hopeful anted up more than $122,000 last summer alone for jets traceable to casino kingpin Sheldon Adelson, whose Las Vegas Sands empire has made him the third-richest American, a Daily News review of campaign records shows.
Yes indeedy, they're the "top provider of corporate jets to the frequently flying Giuliani, who was whisked around the country on the casino's plush Gulfstream G-IV in late August and early September..."

That leads us to a question:
"You have to follow the money and ask, 'Why is Sheldon Adelson partnering with Rudy Giuliani?'" asked Stacey Cargill, an anti-gambling and Republican Party activist in Iowa [...] Cargill, who views even legal gambling as a magnet for crime and vice, said, "If Rudy Giuliani wants to be the crimefighting candidate, why is he partnering with a large and growing gambling empire?"
Rudy's past has been so squeaky clean, one can't imagine why he'd do something like that, can one? Maybe Bernie Kerik has the answer.

Oh, and borrowing corporate jets was a way to get backdoor donations. It's not allowed any more. In the interest of fairness:
Fellow Republicans Mitt Romney and John McCain use corporate aircraft to varying degrees, as does Democrat John Edwards, records show.
Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama accept no corporate aircraft, choosing instead to rent planes at full market cost to avoid the appearance of a conflict.
Some even rub elbows with the common folk: Democrats Christopher Dodd and Dennis Kucinich were spotted flying commercial to last week's Las Vegas debate.
Who else does Corporate Rudy benefit from?
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