Fox News Porn: Too Hot for the Internet?

The attack dogs at Fox are the subjects of a new exposé of their smut peddling.
Editor's Note: Brave New Films' recent release of a video and related website (viewable in the box on the right of this screen) exposing Fox News' smut peddling was originally considered too hot to be linked to on the popular news aggregator Digg and Google-owned YouTube. Brave New Films' Jesse Haff explains that his company has created a new site,, which contains images and videos broadcast only from Fox News, "in the hopes people will ask advertisers to stop showing their ads on Fox" for its nearly pornographic content. Haff continues:
Once the site launched, I submitted it to various social bookmarking sites, including Digg. The submission quickly appeared on the Digg's homepage, only to be deleted and our account banned. I emailed Digg, thinking the submission was mistaken for a real porn site, only to be told the site is "adult content," and is against their terms of service, "even though it was broadcast on Fox." See the details with images here.
So Digg bans what Fox News broadcasts. It's hard to believe that's all there is to it, considering there are often sites with content that could be considered "adult" on Digg. As I write this, the submission "The Top 20 'Side Boobs' of All-Time (Kinda Not Safe for Work)," a completely gratuitous website with adult content, is No. 4 on Digg.
Hmm, this couldn't have anything to do with Digg partnering with the Wall Street Journal and looking to be acquired by Rupert Murdoch, could it?
Digg has since reversed its ban on the video after review.

YouTube also banned the video, effectively making the case that "you must be at least 18 to view Fox News." As of Friday, the 16th of November, YouTube still had not lifted its ban.

The email announcement from Brave New Films founder Robert Greenwald on the Fox News Porn project printed below explains more about the campaign against Fox and how individuals can get involved.


"Can you quote us so not giving a shit?"

That was Fox's classy response to the half million viewers who saw our Fox Attacks: Decency video.

Looks like we got to Fox this time, and it wasn't a debate about policy in Iran that did it, or a video displaying their racism, or even our coverage of their abject hypocrisy on environmental issues.

No, what got the attack dogs at Fox hungry and looking for flesh was none other than an exposé of their smut peddling! It makes sense in a way, because advertisers tend not to like their products being promoted between segments of soft porn. And a large part of their conservative base hates this as well, which might be why one Christian organization compared the way women were dressed on Fox to the manner in which "hookers" are attired.

So what did we do?

With the Fox News Hounds' help, we found enough Fox lasciviousness for a whole porn site!!

Really, we did. And it wasn't that hard to do. In fact, if you thought Fox Attacks: Decency was a glimpse into the lustful thoughts of your favorite Fox anchor, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Satire and parody aside, we think this is extremely objectionable, misogynistic content. We still don't understand how Fox is allowed to call this "news." So let's make this campaign count and hit Fox where it hurts -- their fair and balanced sheet.

Many of you have been helping to create a massive database of local Fox advertisers. Now it's time to start calling them. Pick one or two to call, and ask them to please not advertise on a channel that shows Girls Gone Wild during prime time, and exploits women 24/7. Let them know in very personal terms why this matters to you.

And please let us know how it goes! When you click on the "call" or "email" advertiser link, you'll get an example script and a form where you can describe what happened. Fill it out so we can all share information on how advertisers are reacting to the campaign. Plus, others will be inspired to act, and we can keep the pressure on these merchants of immorality. Be creative, make it personal and express how you feel.

Click here to find a list of Fox advertisers near you.

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Robert Greenwald is the director-producer of Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, as well as many other films. He is a board member of the Independent Media Institute, AlterNet's parent organization.