Anti-War Veterans Banned From Veteran's Day Parade

Paddy: They're honoring veterans the best way you can, by trying to make sure more of them come home to march in next year's parade.
This post, written by Paddy, originally appeared on Cliff Schecter's Brave New Films Blog

Boy, this pisses me off.

Veterans For Peace Say They Will Pass Out Flyers
DENVER -- A group called Veterans for Peace will not be participating in this Saturday's Veterans Day parade.
Parade organizers didn't invite Veterans for Peace this year because they say the group staged an inappropriate protest at last year's parade.
"The parade is not a platform for protesting. It is a platform for honoring the veterans of all services," said Andrew Grieb, with United Veterans Council of Denver.
Vietnam veteran Frank Bessinger believes the ban violates his groups freedom of expression.
"Certainly, our point of view is different from a lot of other people in the parade. But, we believe it's legitimate," said Bessinger.
Bessinger said his group still plans to have a presence at this year's parade. They will be on the sidewalks distributing flyers.
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