Carlin on Religious Right's Homophobia: "Don't These Professional Christians Have Anything Better to Do?" [VIDEO]

Keith Olbermann asks Carlin why the right wing gets so upset about fictional characters being gay. Carlin says it's about fear, guilt and shame.
George Carlin has still got it after all these years. He weighs in on the "outrage" from the religious right over JK Rowling's outing of the Dumbledore character from the Harry Potter series. He also talks about what Stephen Colbert's run the presidency really says about our country's electoral process. Your Dane Cooks and other modern hack comedians can't hold a candle to Carlin on his worst day. On Bush, Carlin says he will only refer to him as Governor Bush because "that's the only office he was ever legally elected to." He adds that the country's going downhill because everyone has "a cell phone that makes pancakes so they don't want to rock the boat". Click on the video to your right for more.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.
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