Coulter's Website Hacked, Reads: My Entire Career Has Been a Prank

David Cassel: "You have all been a part of a sick joke..." Coulter's web site declared.
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Ann Coulter's web site was apparently hacked Monday night. In place of a column about Republican politics was "An Open Letter to Readers" announcing that her entire career had been a practical joke.

Radar magazine's site spotted the fake column Monday, marveling at its announcement that the controversial columnist "has just been playing a character for a decade." And Tuesday night a copy of the hacker's column remained hidden in Coulter's archive.

"You have all been a part of a sick joke..." Coulter's web site declared. It announced an eleven-year prank involving "twisted logic and poorly masked bigotry" to gauge the popular reaction, then added that "Even someone as fake as I tires out eventually."

The five-paragraph column appeared on the web site's front page, repudiating past positions taken by Ann Coulter on various religions, then stated that a person's religion is actually unimportant, and that "We should not let petty differences separate us."

"I bid you adieu," it concluded. "My career as a media figurehead is over. Signed, Ann Coulter."
David Cassel is a technology writer living in Silicon Valley. He first went online in 1990, and has covered emerging technologies for groundbreaking sites like Wired News, Salon, and Suck.
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