Colbert on Why Media Matters Makes Life Hard for Limbaugh [VIDEO]

Stephen Colbert says, "Rush just calls this war like he sees it, from thousands of miles away in West Palm Beach."
"If a tree says the n-word in the forest, is it offensive?," asks Colbert in his hilarious "The Word" segment about the work of Media Matters to shed light on the offensive remarks of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and others. Colbert correctly points out that all Media Matters does is expose "the words" of the right wing nuts to people they weren't intended for, thereby making people who don't lap up their bile aware of what they're up to. Colbert also riffs on Republicans like Mike Huckabee who suddenly become first amendment fans when Limbaugh says something awful but are willing to attacking Hillary Clinton for not condemning for their free speech. Check out the video to you right for more.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.
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