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DURST: House Re-elects Gingrich

Durst comments on the recent re-election of Newt Gingrich: "Actual side-by-side headlines on the front page above the fold of the New York Times, Jan. 8, 1997: 'G.O.P. Narrowly Re-elects Gingrich As House Speaker, Despite Ethics Accusations' and 'Malaria Makes a Comeback, And is Deadlier than Ever.'"
Actual side by side headlines on the front page above the fold of the New York Times, January 8, 1997: "G.O.P. Narrowly re-elects Gingrich As House Speaker, Despite Ethics Accusations" and "Malaria Makes A Comeback, And Is Deadlier Than Ever."I hope you like sideshows Mr. And Mrs. America, because you're going to see enough of them over the next few months to make the Jim Rose Freak Show look like Sesame Street. Oh sure, the suddenly contrite Newtie mumbled the requisite sacred words "bipartisan spirit" but you can bet his pudgy little fingers were crossed when he said it.All the Speaker has to do is survive for a couple of weeks and the spotlight will turn back onto Big Bubba for, (deep breath) Asian campaign contributions, FBI files, Whitewater, Paula Jones' sexual harrasment suit and various and sundry other disasters like Tom Arnold movies and the New York Jets. Gingrich first came to prominence in 1989 for his attacks on the ethics of then Speaker Jim Wright, of whom he once said, "the Speaker should be held to a higher accountability".Of course, I'm sure he wasn't speaking of Speakers in general, but rather that Speaker in specific. Feel free to scoff here people, the irony lamp is lit. Will Durst is afraid he's going to require shots.
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