US Attorney Under Investigation for Racist Remarks, Mishandling Classified Info

Amanda Terkel: Rachel Paulose was a special assistant to Alberto Gonzales and was best buds with Monica Goodling.
This post, written by Amanda Terkel, originally appeared on Think Progress

Eric Black at the Minnesota Monitor writes that the U.S. attorney in Minnesota, Rachel Paulose, is under investigation. The federal Office of Special Counsel is looking into allegations that she "mishandled classified information, decided to fire the subordinate who called it to her attention, retaliated against others in the office who crossed her, and made racist remarks about one employee."

Highlights of the charges:
- Paulose mishandled classified information. Black writes that Paulose regularly received "status updates on the war on terror" from intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The "secret" reports were supposed to be locked up, but Paulose "regularly left the reports loose in her office, sometimes unattended."
- Paulose threatened to fire an employee who raised concerns about the material. Then-First Assistant U.S. Attorney John Marti spoke to Paulose about safeguarding the classified materials and "as required by regulations, filed a report with the national office that oversees U.S. attorneys." Paulose began "threatening" to fire Marti and "bad-mouthing" him to other colleagues. He eventually resigned.
- Paulose repeatedly retaliated against employees suspected of "disloyalty." Paulose "allegedly said that she would make the woman so miserable that she would want to quit. In some instances, Paulose allegedly ordered those in charge of performing job evaluations to downgrade the reviews of those she considered disloyal."
- Paulose called employees racial epithets. "Paulose allegedly denigrated one employee of the office, using the terms 'fat,' 'black,' 'lazy' and 'ass.'"
Amanda Terkel is Deputy Research Director at the Center for American Progress and serves as Deputy Editor for The Progress Report and at the Center for American Progress.
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