Florida College Student Tasered After Asking John Kerry About Contesting '04 Election [VIDEO]

Six cops. One college student with a big mouth. Yeah, that's fair.
This post, written by GottaLaff, originally appeared on Brave New Films

UPDATE II: Romney makes fun of the whole tasering incident. Read about it here

Thanks to reader Impeach Bush for this:
U.S. Sen. John Kerry's speech at the University of Florida came to a dramatic close Monday, shortly after a vocal audience member was hauled off by police and shot with a Taser gun.
He's a college student. He resisted, but he did not start any violence, threaten an officer, or hurt anyone.
The student claimed that University Police Department officers had already threatened to arrest him, and then proceeded to question Kerry about why he didn't contest the 2004 presidential election and why there had been no moves to impeach President Bush.
A minute or so into what became a combative diatribe, Meyer's microphone was turned off and officers began trying to physically remove him from the auditorium. Meyer flailed his arms, yelling as police tried to restrain him.
A fellow student who witnessed the event was appalled, saying that the officers escalated the situation. He also said that Meyer had acted inappropriately by "rushing" the microphone and forcing a question on Kerry.

But he didn't think Meyers deserved this:
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