Sen. Vitter's Favorite Escort Tells All

GottaLaff: More than you ever wanted to know about David Vitter. But he's not gay, so it's all moot, now isn't it?
This post, written by GottaLaff, originally appeared on Cliff Schecter's Blog

Driving home from work is so educational. Today's lesson was from an interview on my local progressive radio station, with Wendy Cortez, David Vitter's go-to girl. And what a lesson it was!

Here are the highlights:
* Wendy revealed their relationship because she felt her integrity had been attacked. Vitter had called her a liar, and she fought back. Of all the women he'd been with, and she feels strongly there were many more, she says she was the only one with the "cojones" to tell the truth.
* She is positive it was David Vitter, and was asked about that twice on the lie detector test she took. Both times her answers passed the test.
* She says it was not hard to remember him because she "didn't have a crap-load of clients".
* Vitter is very clean. Did you know that? "A clean old man" (apologies to Ringo Starr).
* Vitter would shower twice per visit, once before, once after, always being careful to use unscented soap to avoid accusations of smelling, well, not like the macho guy he is.
* He divulged to her that, during their 4 or so months together, he and his wife were trying to have children. Family values are everything, aren't they Clean Dave?
* "How can you use the "family values" slogan, but have no morals, lying to your wife and children? He's the biggest hypocrite..." Wendy said with feeling.
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