The Britney Spears/George W. Bush Connection

TRex: Both "performers" are on an inevitable downward spiral.
This post, written by TRex, originally appeared on FireDogLake

I have written before about the strange connection between the fortunes of President Bush and troubled former pop star Britney Spears.

To wit:
Britney announced that she was ditching husband Kevin Federline the same day that Rummy left the Pentagon and for a short period of time fans of Britney and Bush all did the happy dance.
"Boy howdy, I'm glad that's over!" they chorused, "Now we can get back to the way things used to be and party like it's 2003!"
And doubtless they all cringed in unison as their hopes of spreads in "W" magazine, number-one singles, and a Glorious Victory in Iraq turned to ashes. Because K-Fed wasn't the problem, any more than Rums-Fe'd was, as the ensuing months of increasingly erratic and frightening behavior of both pop star and president have shown.

Britney and the Bush Administration seem to be continuing their tandem downward spirals, what with Bush's parade of embarrassing gaffes at the APEC summit, clearly not knowing where he was or what he was doing there, calling it the "OPEC" summit and nearly starting a war with South Korea. Then we got to the Petraeus/Crocker product roll-out today and not only was the hearing derailed by the failure of Petraeus's backing track (No lip-synching for you, General!), but Petraeus's lukewarm stew of cooked data and vague fist-wavings at Iran was probably as much of a disappointment to the one third of America and the world who still support the war as Britney's spectacular failure to deliver at the VMA's last night was to her fans.
TRex is a regular blogger for FireDogLake.
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