What Will the Greenest Cars Be?

Tara Lohan: A fuel cell hybrid SUV or a plug-in Prius or maybe even a diesel Jetta?
I have to admit that I was a little nervous driving a vehicle I was told cost about a million bucks right now. On the outside it looks like a Toyota Higlander -- but on the inside it's something special.

What I was driving was known as an FCHV, a fuel cell hybrid vehicle and it was among a half dozen or so alternative and cleaner fuel vehicles that journalists were getting to test out an the annual Society of Environmental Journalism conference.

The fuel cell hybrid drives pretty much like a regular hybrid. This particular Toyota was bigger than a GM sedan I'd seen earlier -- more like an SUV than a Prius. The FCHV has a fuel cell instead of a gas engine, along with the battery. It has that same super light feel, super quiet drive as a regular gas/electric hybrid and it comes with a computer monitor that shows what is being powered when.

Other than being a million bucks at the moment, the FCHV has some other hurdles to get over in order to make it to market -- which the rep showing off the car tells me will be at least another 10 years.
Tara Lohan is a managing editor at AlterNet.