Hillary Evades The Same-Sex Marriage Question...Again [VIDEO]

On the season premiere of "Ellen", Sen. Clinton is directly confronted on gay rights by her openly gay host and she still dodges the issue.
There a lot of things that strike me about this footage from Ellen. First off, Hillary Clinton is just too forced when she's trying to act natural and humorous. Her bit about pretending to be surprised when Ellen DeGeneres identified herself as a lesbian should have been funny but it sort of reminded me of Bush's second debate performance against John Kerry, way to eager. But what was more troubling was the fact the after DeGeneres gets done laying out the facts--that Hillary is for civil unions but stops short of gay marriage and why is that?, Hillary has no good answer so she just totally doesn't answer the question posed to her at all.

She goes on about how much she supports civil unions and how much she supports ending discrimination against gays and winds up talking about "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (a policy her husband implemented and yet Hillary behaves as if it were a Bush era policy) which was never asked about in the first place. DeGeneres backs off because after all, this is a morning talk show and not a political program, but I really wish she had forced Sen. Clinton to explain how if she is truly for ending discrimination against gays she can be unwilling to embrace same-sex marriage, because that position is discriminatory. To be fair, no candidates besides Kucinich and Gravel have had the guts to take the right stand on this issue, but Hillary's answers to date on this just haven't been good enough. Check out the video to your right for more and let me know what you think.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.
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