Larry Craig in "To Catch a Senator" [VIDEO]

Keith Olbermann breaks down the absurdity of Craig's "wide stance" defense, and the Senator's long history of being a hypocritical self-hating gay man.
This Larry Craig story is like a gift that keeps on giving and thanks to his absurd press conference where he declared "I am not gay," he's kept the national conversation going on hypocritical so-called family values conservatives. Apparently, David Vitter sleeping with several prostitutes is not worthy of a major rebuke, let alone an investigation but Senator Craig's apparent long history of homosexuality is enough to force all of his colleagues to turn on him.

We can only hope for the contrite, apology press conference where Craig admits that actually "is gay" and "has been gay on many occasions." Or maybe what's more likely, he'll resign in the next week or so, defiant until the end and blaming that awful newspaper that somehow forced him to confess to the lewd conduct charges. Then he and Bob Allen can run off together.
Adam Howard is the editor of PEEK.
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